PDB-REDO: updated and optimised crystallographic structures

PDB-REDO is an automated procedure to refine, rebuild and validate your model. It combines popular crystallographic software from CCP4, e.g. REFMAC, with with our specially developed tools like pepflip, loopwhole, and HODER, and structure analysis tools like tortoize and densty-fitness.

With PDB-REDO you can obtain updated and optimised versions of PDB entries from our DataBank, or you can optimise your own structure model using our Server.

PDB-REDO Databank

The PDB-REDO databank contains optimised versions of existing PDB entries with electron density maps, a description of model changes, and a wealth of model validation data.


Here you can find more information about downloading PDB-REDO databank entries.

PDB-REDO server

The PDB-REDO server helps you to get a publication quality structure. It takes your current model (mmCIF/PDB), diffraction data (MTZ), and (optional) ligand restraints and it returns a new model, new maps, validation reports, and many tools to continue working on your model.

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