Privacy statement

For all users of this website

Your IP address is stored in the webserver logs as part of normal website
operations. It is used to evaluate the performance and impact of It is not shared with third parties. The server logs with your
IP-address are deleted as part of regular server maintenance.

For users that log in to this website

PDB-REDO stores your user name, e-mail address and host institute.

This small amount of personal data is necessary to have your
own private account, but also helps us to get to know our
user base a bit.

In addition, the web server stores your IP address in
the standard logs.

We do not share your data with third parties so only
PDB-REDO developers can see them. If you want us to remove
your data, you can delete your account. This deletes
your e-mail address, host institute, and any input and output
data from your PDB-REDO jobs still stored. For administrative
purposes in grants, we do retain your user name and some
metadata of your jobs (when they were run and with which
status they ended) after your account is deleted.