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PDB-REDO Databank

The PDB-REDO databank contains optimised versions of existing PDB entries with electron density maps, a description of model changes, and a wealth of model validation data. It is a good starting point for any structural biology project.

All the entries are treated with a consistent protocol that reduces the effects of differences in age, software, and depositors. This makes PDB-REDO a great datatset for large scale structure analysis studies.

Here you can find more information about downloading PDB-REDO databank entries. And here you can find the data usage license.

4d4u redone
Crystal Structure of Fucose binding lectin from Aspergillus Fumigatus (AFL) in complex with LewisY tetrasaccharide.

This information was created with PDB-REDO version 7.31. Please log in to request an update.

Crystallographic data
From PDB header
Spacegroup P 1 a: 47.317 Å b: 47.529 Å c: 77.365 Å α: 96.81° β: 100.24° γ: 113.61°
Resolution 1.99 Å Reflections 39130 Test set 1967 (5.0%)
R 0.1690 R-free 0.2200
According to PDB-REDO
Resolution 1.99 Å Reflections 39130 Test set 1967 (5.0%) Twin false
PDB-REDO files
Re-refined and rebuilt structure
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Re-refined (only) structure
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Validation metrics from PDB-REDO
Crystallographic refinement
R 0.1707 0.1831
R-free 0.2201 0.2169
Bond length RMS Z-score 0.477 0.475
Bond angle RMS Z-score 0.677 0.698
Model quality (raw scores | percentiles)
Ramachandran plot appearance -1.064 51 -0.762 60
Rotamer normality -1.663 65 -0.794 81
Coarse packing 0.243 73 0.246 74
Fine packing -0.686 65 -0.758 62
Bump severity 0.003 82 0.004 78
Hydrogen bond satisfaction 0.935 90 0.930 87
WHAT_CHECK Report Report

Kleywegt-like plot

Model quality compared to resolution neighbours
Significant model changes
Description Count
Rotamers changed 9
Side chains flipped 3
Waters removed 28
Peptides flipped 0
Chiralities fixed 0
Residues fitting density better 0
Residues fitting density worse 0
Change in density map fit (RSCC)